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Filling the condom with Water

Feb 23, 2021 - 2 comments

Hi everyone,

Today in the HIV forums, I read about someone's non-existent exposure.  Which was wearing two condoms and having vaginal sex for 2 minutes.  This person then checked the condom for leakage by filling it with water.    Ah, I remember those days, I actually forgot about that technique, of course I actually did it for more of a fear of pregnancy reasons --didn't want my gf to get pregnant.  

I will advise:    

If you have to do this after sex maybe it is time to question your current situation.  I would encourage counseling of some type or just talking to a wise, mature and close mentor.   I am telling you this because I wish someone would counseling me as such when I was running around into every bed room.  

In any case be well, stay well my friends, hope this helps.

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by AnnieBrooke, Mar 03, 2021
People who do this kind of worried checking don't so much have a problem with HIV as they have a problem with anxiety. Medical anxiety can do strange things and make people have OCD-like behavior and obsessive thoughts that won't let them see that there is no risk.

Regarding you mentioning that you wish someone would have counseled you when you were 'running around into every bedroom' (and, wouldn't it be nice to always have a wise, mature and close mentor that can keep us from doing foolish things?) it doesn't sound like your problem was medical anxiety so much as that you now feel that what you did was ill-considered. If you didn't hurt yourself or anyone else during those days, and you learned from it, that's a good outcome.

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by JessyJames2010, Mar 04, 2021
Hi Annie,

Thanks for reading and responding to my journal/blog.  

Yes I would be nice to always have a wise, mature and close mentor that can keep us from doing foolish things.  However sometimes a person isn't ready to be receptive to such recommendations.

As far as my past, the only time I probably hurt myself was excessively worrying I was infected with HIV.  That was more mentally draining, but it took me about 6 months to get over that.  That was a long time ago.  And, did I hurt anyone else ?  I probably broke a few hearts out there, haha.  Well I'm not entirely proud of that either as I think, I let a few good ones get away. In retrospect I've had my short end of the stick, and know what kind of heartache I caused.   True we do learn from our mistakes, and indeed that is a good outcome.

In the mean time I am building a time machine.  I'll get back to you on how that is going.  In any case be well, stay well my friend, hope this helps.

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