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Can I get HIV from Doing Cocaine ?

Mar 15, 2021 - 0 comments


I was reading a question the other day about if someone can get HIV from sniffing a powder into their lungs along with the possibility of inhaling some's blood that could be infected with HIV within the said powder/cocaine in this example.

As silly as the question sounds, to some people this is a legitimate concern.  Maybe the person whom they were with was snorting the drug with them and was HIV positive and had a cold, and maybe later coughed up blood.  Who knows, we don't know.  But in reality that is not usually the case.  Mostly a question like this stems out of guilt, and the person is subconsciously expecting a punishment or a death sentence for their recreational activities, but they really don't want death; and then they start going crazy thinking they caught HIV.

To answer the question you can NOT get HIV from the act of inhaling a powder through a straw and into your lungs.

However, because the substance will alter you mind and if you are with someone else the chances increase that you will end up doing something you will regret later.  For example you'll want to place your unprotected penis inside someone's anus and think that is a great idea or vice versa: you'll accept someone's penis to penetrate you. This is what hard drugs do to us, they take over our bodies.

Substances use including alcohol will alter you mind and place you in a positions to increase your chances of getting an STD infection, and if you do it enough, this includes HIV.

Hope this helps.,

-Stay healthy and well.  

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