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Sleep Study completed!

Sep 23, 2010 - 0 comments

I finished my sleep study yesterday afternoon!

As I suspected....I DON'T have sleep apnea! This has yet to be confirmed by the doc, but the nurse said I never stopped breathing and my oxygen level was great throughout the night.

She said I snored for a few minutes and turned over on to my back one time.

They then kept me all day to check for daytime sleepiness and/or narcolepsy. The nurse, who again reminded me she can't dx, said everything looked great and I was allowed to leave after the 4th nap (they usually do 5).

One interesting thing...When I got there and sat down with the nurse she asked me 'what brings you here?' I mentioned a FEW of the things going on and the first thing she asks me is 'Have they checked for MS?'

The people there were wonderful and made me feel at ease.

So, in some ways, many ways, I'm relieved that I don't have apnea problems, but I was of course hoping for some answers.  

I really should have bet my Neuro money that it would come back normal. He was SO convinced this was going to be my answer to all my problems. As I said though, I'll still need to wait for the full report to come back.

Looks like this might be the end of the road with this neuro, not sure he'll want to do anything else.

Hope everyone is doing well as they can!

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