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September 23, 2010      {Good and bad moments}

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Life is filled with good and bad moment and in the end they shape us. I once asked my friend  would he go back and change things hes done. He work hard every day working two jobs and only having one day off. He would get up and 5 and be at his two jobs till 10:30. He didnt complain and he was nice. He look much older then he was but this was because you could see the work he had been though. He was 28 and had a house already he had roommates he rented too.  he was my manager and he was the best one. I kinda miss work with him we had many things in common. When i asked him would he like to change things he look at me and said "I would never change the things ive been though the hard times conditioned me and the good times gave me the understanding i have today. If I changed a single event i dont know who i would be why would i want to not be me. I dont regret anything ive done". I was put in a moment of awe by his answer. I love that out look.

               I'm young but i concern myself with too many things that are done and gone. I would love to just live like that and no matter how it turned out not to regret my decisions.

             I'm never very sure what i should do and i often dont know how to handle things but i guess that just part of life. I grow more tired of always worrying and i just want to let it go.

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