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crazy times

Sep 23, 2010 - 1 comments

Had the surgery on 24th Sept.  Woke to find a nurse standing over me in what I thought was a very dark room.  I heard her asking questions but I said that I was itching and that I could not breath.  When she asked me where the pain was I tried to talk but was having difficulty and told her, but she could not understand.  I was getting stressed because I could not get through to her...I couldn't get her to understand what I meant and I was not sure how to explain it either.  I saw my sister come over me and she said that they were leaving to let me get some rest.  It was the first I saw of anyone and never knew that they weere in the room with me.  When they left I kept trying to get some help, but none was coming.  I was in such pain and seemed to still be having problems breathing...but they all said you are breathing.  When they asked me to move my feet I tried and said I could not.  They just looked at me funny.  They all treated me like I was a nuts person and that I should be treated as such.  I am a nuts nurse, so I could see what they were thinking the whole time.  

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by Mark1968, Jun 10, 2011
Did you ever find out what had caused this issue?

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