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September 24, 2010  {What its like to have this}

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Have this

People dont understand what its like to have OCD Phobias. They think o nothings wrong just get over it. Stop being such a annouce, be an adult. The real problem is it gets worse as we age or atleast mine seems to.

Its rooted to some issue that was not dealt with this much could be true. But to the person going though it its so real. They tell you they think there going to die they really think that. They just dont think it though they feel it.

For me it often makes my own body feel unknown. I dont know why this part feels the way it does well then maybe its cancer. The internet is no help it just gives you more syptoms to have.

Ive always had this problem but i think it became even more worse when my grandmother died.

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by narla, Sep 24, 2010
Hey,I know what you mean,I actually called an ambulance one night because I had convinced myself I was having a heart attack,guess what it was just a panic attack.
The paramedics were really good about it and told me to make sure I call if it happens again,like they said one day it could be a heart attack,once they put the heart monitor on I was ok it reassured me it wasn't a heart attack.

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