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Sep 26, 2010 - 2 comments

Lung Cancer



Just received the news that my husband cannot have sugery. It was a hard blow for our family. We had a few very diificult days as we absorbed it. We have had to refocus our hopes as we were counting heavily on the cure. We are now waiting for a chemo plan to be set up. He has a broncoscopy set for next Friday. Then a breathing test and avisit with the surgeon to see about a lymphectomy. This all began on July 14th and this is now September and still only in the test stage. It is so frustrating. We thank God for his nurse that comes twice a week and the incredible doctor who actually makes house calls. He is amazing and the last of a dying breed. Our four grown children and their spouses are also wonderful and have all been a tremendous help. Our church family are very supportive and have helped us through the shock of this situation. Our visiting pastor is here whenever we need him. I believe that we are blessed in so many ways and will remain thankful to God that unlike many, our support group is amazing.

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by aggy83, Sep 27, 2010
Im thinking of you today Dody.  Im sorry your husband can not get surgery.  I believe I posted that my Mom also could not have surgery.  It does sounds like you have a pretty good support network w/ your medical advisors and pastor.  Im sure that helps a little.
We are also waiting on word if the insurance company will pay to replace her heart defibulator.  It has 2 wks left on it.  Originally she was under the impression that if she chose treatment this would not be an issue, but apparently now it is in question.  It just makes everything more scary and difficult.
The Onc. Drs wanted her to have this completed this week so she could than began chemo & radiation treatment. Now it is all on hold.  It can drive you crazy.
You and your husband are in my thoughts.

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by Dody13, Sep 27, 2010
Thank you for your thoughts
I'm sorry that your mothers treatment depends on an Insurance companys decision. Is that what is holding everything up? I live in Canada and am appalled by the amount of time it is taking to do all the staging test (2.5 months now) without any treatment yet. But we have universal health care here. Although not all medication are covered.  You are in my thoughts also. Dody

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