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Mood disorder trumps sleep disorder

Sep 29, 2010 - 2 comments




I spoke to my sleep specialist today, and recommended cutting back my Ritalin dosage, because of the agitation episodes.  This dosage was the one that finally let me go nap free for 4 weeks.  And now I have to give that up because of complications with my mood disorder.  It is very frustrating again.

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by gallantracer, Oct 10, 2010
i'm still trying to balance ritalin/ neuvigil (i have to go neuvigil free 3 out seven days, usually, because it will produce manic symtoms) ritalin works well in am, otherwise in pm doses will put me to sleep or higher doses will not allow me to sleep at night, like neuv.  Frustrating indeed!!  Big qquestion.  with ritalin, arousal and orgasm problems?

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by Dragosani, Oct 10, 2010
Nuvigal didn't help hardly at all, and now they've taken me right of the Ritalin and given me Seroquel for when I get agitated.  I thought the nights I had a hard time getting to sleep were from the Ritalin, but they continued after I quit it.  The Seroquel helps me sleep pretty good at night.  But now with no stimulant, I'm just about guaranteed to have a nap.  I didn't experience any erectile dysfunction like problems on Ritalin.  Before they found something to help me sleep at night properly, I was suffering from sleep deprivation and I suffered from them then.

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