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Oct 04, 2010 - 4 comments

Headaches are a daily occurrence for me. I figured I might as well log them so I can see just how frequent/intense they are.

Pain start: 2:00pm

Throbbing at base of skull on right side, pressure behind right eye and in right sinus. Dizzy and lacking focus.

Also, I've been prescribed an Anti-depressant to try to control the headaches/migraines.

Headache/Migraine Tracker
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by skydivediva, Oct 04, 2010
Hi ToxicBoom,

Have you been evaluated by a physician and officially diagnosed with migraines? There are several different types of headache that often get lumped together and called "migraines". Here's a link that gives a good discussion of the major types: . Don't let the additional serious diagnoses freak  you out; they are included, I'm sure, for completeness' sake, but migraines, tension headaches and sinus related headaches are far more common. I haven't search Medhelp, but I know they have a Neuro forum and they have experts in pretty much every specialty who answer members' questions, so a quick search would likely turn up some helpful info.

I had migraines when I was younger. I know that some of the things the docs wanted to track back then was my menstrual periods, exposure to chemicals, fumes, etc., weather changes (barometric changes), my stress levels, food intake (especially wines, beers, chocolate, aspartame and processed or dried meats & fish), and whether the environment was noisy or brightly lit in order to look for any patterns that might reveal triggers that provoked my headaches. As it turned out, I was eventually diagnosed with lupus and the doctors felt that was the likely culprit behind my headaches. When they treated my lupus, the daily headaches stopped, but I still found that I'd have them for a few days prior, during and after my periods. Once I became pre-menopausal, the headaches virtually disappeared. Then as I went through true menopause, they came back with a vengeance, but have dissipated again. Even when they do occur, it's not with the severity or the associated symptoms (nausea, vomiting, general weakness & exhaustion, total intolerance to light and sound) that I used to have. (Gosh---I'm not saying YOU'LL have to wait for menopause---just explaining MY experience so you'll know that carefully tracking things does often help to discover---and, when possible, avoid---triggers!)

I know they're no fun, so I do hope your headaches are properly diagnosed, treated and soon part of history!


1462044 tn?1448394736
by toxicBOOM, Oct 05, 2010
Hello Sky.

I have been in contact with my doctor every four to six weeks for the past six months in an attempt to figure out what is causing the migraines. I have a "diary" where I track what I eat, when I eat, as well as things you mentioned like fumes and other various triggers. So far I know that cherry flavouring is one of my triggers as well as wine, but other than that, we do not see much of a pattern. Around my period the headaches do tend to disappear though! It works in my favour because I also do not suffer from cramps... Sadly, that "time of the month" is my favourite. LOL.

I've always suffered from severe headaches (or that's what I thought they were) for as long as I can remember, but never sought help because my parents did not believe me and were under the impression I was trying to get out of school. Hopefully, my doctor and I can figure it out soon, but if we can't, they will be sending me for a CT to make sure it is not something more serious.

Thank you for sharing your experience! It's always helpful to hear what others have gone through, what has worked, and what hasn't. Considering I'm 19 and have already spent most of my life self medicating or sleeping a migraine away, I sure hope I don't have to wait until menopause for this to all go away!

1339332 tn?1329854366
by skydivediva, Oct 05, 2010
I'm glad that you're being followed regularly by a doctor and will continue the investigation. As I mentioned in my post, I didn't mean to imply your symptoms would persist to menopause, so don't worry! You must remember that at 51, my migraines were at there worst 20-35 years ago. A lot of progress in diagnosis and treatment has been made since then! So, hang in there; I hope they find the clue to your cure soon! Have a great week T-Boom. :)

1462044 tn?1448394736
by toxicBOOM, Oct 05, 2010
I know you weren't implying the menopause thing. I just can't imagine what I would do if I DID have to wait that long. Thanks again Sky. :)

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