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NFL pool Week 4 RESULTS! COngrats to...

Oct 05, 2010 - 5 comments

Wow almost everyone had 8 games right this week, lol, but TWO people had 9 right to win the whole thing after using the tiebreaker...LINDSAYT! congrats Lindsay! It was a tie with Gizzy but she had the tiebreaker closer. Congrats you two. Below This weeks results are the overall combined scores for everyone for the last 4 weeks collectively.

Week 4 Results:

LindsayT       9
Gizzy            9
DominoSarah  8
BeatingThis     8
TroubleinOhio  8
Bmdad           8
IBKleen          8
Pillfree21        8
Drifter             8
This Big         7
Addict3          6
Narla             5


ThisBig        38
Gizzy           38
Lindsay T      38
BeatingThis  37
DominoSara  37
Pillfree21      36
Addict3        36
BmDad          34
Drifter             34
Narla             32
TroubleinOhio    22
IBKleen            14
Ang811            11
Mangee           8
'MandaPanda      4

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by gizzy32, Oct 05, 2010
Good job lindsay.

This was a tough week for football picks. I don't think 9 has ever won it before here lol. I am so proud of my Bills hahaha. 0-4 great start **** lol. It's so close this year on the pool:)

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by bmdad, Oct 05, 2010
At least you know your team is gonna lose Giz. I never know what to expect with the bears. They could beat the best team in the league one week and lose to the worst team (or the the next. Every year I feel like I'm gonna have a mental breakdown watching them but after giving up nine sacks in the first half I think this just might be the year. How does a team get over 400 yards in two games, almost 400 yards in another, and only have 110 in one? I said after they beat the packers that I still wasn't convinced and now you see why. MORONS!!
It's rough being a Bears or Bills fan...isn't it?

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by troubleinohio, Oct 05, 2010
yeah well join the club you two, afterall Im a Browns fan LOL, how the helll do you think I feel??? LOL  Im right there with ya both (actually I cant compare the browns to the bears most of the time, only when Bri is throwing out statistical extremes like that lol)

1047946 tn?1332608029
by bmdad, Oct 06, 2010
.I do believe you may take the cake here!! Statistical stats like that....The browns won't even get 400 yards total this season!!  :-)   And people wonder why we shoveled pills down our throats!
It's funny how no matter how bad the browns are they always give the bengals are run for their money. Kinda like the bears and packers...kinda like the bills and ...mmm....nevermind.
I actually can't complain too much with my Bears as they did make the super bowl a few years back and are 3-1 this year. My problem is they were not a super bowl team a few years ago and aren't a 3-1 team this year. Being a bears fan is kinda like my using days, way too many ups and downs and i didn't know what the hell to think! Come Sunday I always wonder what personality of each player is going to show up that day, the football player or the ballerina. Everyone always says you have to get to the root cause of using. I always thought the root cause was only because of pain. I'm starting to think that maybe the bears were the root cause of my using. If not they may be the cause of a relapse!...ha ha
Maybe if we all were New England fans we would have never became addicts.

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by beatingthis, Oct 06, 2010
Maybe you all should become RAVEN Fans :)

I go so worked up at the games too. I wish I could just sit there and watch and be calm but NOOOOOOO!

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