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This was the worst surgery yet.  I am beginning to regret even having these stents changed out.  I mean I was hurting before, but now I can barely walk (and when I do I look like a hunchback all slouched over and walk at a snail's pace).  It feels like the darn stent is trying to poke through my groin (Ow).  My left kidney hurts worse than before he changed them and I am having terrible lower back and hip/pelvic pain.  Some of it is probably from the spinal anesthesia.  Oh, yeah, and speaking of the spinal, My urologist mentions *after* the spinal anesthesia is administered, while I am on the operating table, on my 4th surgery this pregnancy, and the 11th surgery of this kind since 2001, that we might be able to do this under MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care), which apparently would make my recovery time a lot shorter. Thanks! A little too late for that.  Maybe the next surgery (I know I'll have at least one more and hopefully no more that 2 before the baby comes).
Oh, yeah and the creepy urologist was having a discussion with the other staff in the surgical room about what songs are good to "you know" to (that's how he put it). "Foreplay" was specifically mentioned. All with me laying there, wide awake, legs up in stirrups while he does the procedure (awkward much??). It is a wonder he has not been hit with a sexual harassment case... yikes!! :-O  Seriously?!? I couldn't believe it.  And, sadly, I am stuck with this guy. Valdosta has only three (THREE!) urologists. The first guy that I already switched from because he considered me a liability and a "urologist's nightmare" and was scared to do much to help me since I am pregnant (and is now offended that I "fired" him and won't give me the time of day). My doc. And a third guy who "declines" to see me (for liability reasons I am sure). Docs are so concerned about covering their behinds nowadays that they won't even help people anymore.

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by natashajay, Oct 07, 2010
yuk what a creep! i cant stand the thought of you there with this wierdo babe, you poor thing and fancy discussing that!!! esp as they were about to knock you out...legs in stirrups it doesnt bare thinking about!!!!!!!!!!!

oh i wish you a speedy recovery so you dont have to go back to them! Bloody creeps!!!

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by JadedSweetheart, Oct 07, 2010
Wow!  That's so bizarre.  Who does that?  I'm so sorry you had to have the weirdo doing your surgery.  Hopefully if you have to have more surgeries, he will have thought about that situation and how inappropriate he was.  I'm sure it was akward for his female staff members as well.  If I had to deal with some of my bosses even mentioning foreplay I would be grossed out.
I know how it is to not be able to find a good doctor.  The liability ridiculousness these days is out of control.  There used to be a time when doctors wanted to help the "textbook" patients.  It was considered a badge of honor to have a patient out of the norm.  Now everyone has to fit into a cookie-cutter mould and if things are even a little less than ideal the doctor shuffles you off to someone else.  
I have just been absolutelly sickened with the medical profession lately.  I'm so sorry you are going through so much pain.  Please don't hesitate to call them for meds to keep you at a decent level of pain control.  I know I don't need to talk you into it, but as mothers we are so quick to suffer to keep our children from anything.  We're in the home stretch and it will all be worth it soon!

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