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The Funeral

Oct 07, 2010 - 3 comments

Wow, how to begin, the first day the day of viewing was very difficult, my Dad looked like himself except from the mouth and chin in the face,,,,it was very beautiful at the funeral home, seeing his body the first time was so so hard, I just knelt at the casket and prayed.

The outpooring of love and support from neighboors, friends and family was fantastic. i will now always know that yes the simple words" Im so sorry for your loss" mean alot, and its really all anyone can say,

Yesterday the actual service was so nice, my boys were paul bearers, when I was sitting in the limo and turned to look at the hurse, I saw my oldest son turn and walk away he was crying, that silent man cry just red  eyes a few tears , It made me burst into tears of course, Im so glad my children got to know their Grandfather and are old enough that they will remember him. Both my Grandfathers had passed before I was born.

At the cemetary it was in GrosseIsle MI , (theres a old military base there) anyways we had a military burial as my Dad served 4 years during the Korean War, they did the 21 gun salute and played Taps on the bugle that was both nice and sister got the American Flag that was on his coffin, boy do those veterans take their time and fold Old Glory up with respect, I got the shells (blanks of course) they were placed in a nice cloth flag style bag and each veteran placed a poisey ( those red paper ones) in it. Right in the middle of the chaplins sermon a military jet flew over head....they hardly ever use GrosseIsle base anymore.,,,,yet to have a fly we didnt order that, Im thinking maybe my Dad had something to do with it.

He is at peace and so is my family,

Just remember all my friends you never ever know....the thing of not going to bed angry at someone is so true and I will never ever end a phone conversation with any of my family with out it being I love you again.

I love all of you my MH Family...thankyou from the bottom of my heart for caring , because I know you all really do, Im gonna be a part of this MH family for the rest of my days.

love to all


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by margypops, Oct 07, 2010
hi cherie we also in my family lost a family member he died yesterday in England  he was 95 years old part of my extended family, he is also  to have a Miltary funeral..they are always special those funerals arent they very emotional , I think thats a good thing as we can show emotion I am considering whether to fly in  or not....the words I am sorry for your loss do mean a lot dont they, and I know what you mean about us all here on MH sharing our happiness's and our griefs are well loved here cherie, hugs margxxxx

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by teko, Oct 07, 2010
Cherie I am glad the service was nice. It is never easy to lose a parent. Now life starts getting back to normal and the emotional rollercoaster continues. I have a hard time remembering details about my parents funeral service, but not a day goes by that I do not think about them. Remembering childhood family times, thanksgiving and christmas or the camping and fishing trips, then as an adult sitting down over coffee and talking and laughing. Remembering when the kids were born and the first time they held them and stuff like that is locked away in my heart of hearts. The pain gets lighter with time but the memories never fade! Hang on to the good times as they will always be with you! Hugs!

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by rebel5, Oct 17, 2010
i know how hard this must have been for you, but the service sounded absolutely gorogeous, i know he would be proud of you xoxo i love you and am here if you need me.

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