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Oct 08, 2010 - 4 comments

I'm thinking about taking Slimquick pills again. I took them once before and lost a bit of weight, so I figure it might be helpful to do again. They're on sale right now at my local drug store so I guess it couldn't hurt.

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1458609 tn?1319950592
by medic673, Oct 08, 2010
Actually from a medical standpoint they are not good for you

1462044 tn?1448394736
by toxicBOOM, Oct 08, 2010
I figured as much, but I've done it before and it helped me along so I think I'll do it once more and that's it. It winds up being pretty expensive, so it's not THAT important to me.

1418958 tn?1328934250
by mamapig2010, Oct 09, 2010
I know how you feel sometimes. I would probably be popping pills if I could too, but can't because I am breastfeeding. Honestly though, I think it is a quick fix for a long term problem. I think with pills you can lose more in the beginning with "diet and exercise" but long term they don't help at all. My suggestion to you, if you want it, would be to spend the $ on something you really enjoy such as clothes, makeup, earrings, mani-pedi, etc. But if you want to go for it, by all means. Let me know what you decide and how it's going. Have a good day!

1462044 tn?1448394736
by toxicBOOM, Oct 09, 2010
Thanks MamaP. I have already purchased the pills, so I will obviously be taking them. I agree with it being a quick fix, but in the beginning I feel I need one just because I always get to the same place and then battle day after day with no result.

I have taken the pills once before and it does boost the initial loss, but I was not as motivated then and did not follow through with any good habits.

I will update once I start taking them (probably tomorrow, but we'll see).


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