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Inguinal Orchiectomy on Wednesday

Oct 09, 2010 - 1 comments







Chronic Pain





That is it, the lyrica at 75 mgs every 8 hours (3 times per day) works well enough but.... Can't function. Many bad side effects (muscle weakness being a scary one) Thus I have elected to do the surgical option.

Think I am crazy? Or maybe just without hope? Still if the surgery is successful then I have no worries.

14 years of chronic pain will soon end? I hope so.

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by JamesC186282, May 13, 2012
If you opt for an orchiectomy talk to the surgeon about numbing the cords and testes during the surgery.  My pain doctor explained that this is now thought to minimize "phantom pain" that often happens after surgery.   Inguinal orchiectomy is the best way to do it (from the studies I've read)   Scrotal etc all leave too much cord dangling around and the nerves spread out and this can cause future pain.

In short tell the surgeon to numb things up (Even if your under a general during surgery)  and cut high *Removing as much of the cord(s) as possible.

Good luck - whatever you decide.

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