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Holy Bloat!

Oct 12, 2010 - 1 comments







Trouble Sleeping


Stomach Bloating



Lately Ive been dealing with uncomfortable bloating bad the last couple nights I come home, throw on comfy lose pants and lay down :( the pressure on my stomach is crazy yuck! SOOO uncomfortable...that i dont want to eat bc i feel i dont have room and dont want to be more miserable...

sleeping...been a little frustrating lately...seems I toss in turn with a little bit of nausea all night...the couch is the only place i can find comfort. Im usually a good/solid sleeper too..

my boobs feel like they have a fever too (esp at night) they are sooo hot and almost hard..its weird..havent noticed MUCH growth in them tho..yet

9 weeks + now...

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by julianovak, Oct 13, 2010
lol.... i am with you on the bloating thing.... One day ill feel like a turkey the next i feel okay..... =)

Just wanted to share with you... I read on wikipedia that MIscarriage loss from 8.5 wks is ONLY 2 %..... =)

:)))))  thought it was really neat to read that. Im relieved. :)

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