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Ask Doctor Park Anything About Sleep Apnea

Oct 13, 2010 - 1 comments



Sleep Apnea

Here’s your chance to ask me any question related to snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. This will be a special open forum format, with no particular topic. I’ll pick out a number of interesting and educational questions to answer, and you can always ask me your question live during the event.

Date: Thursday 10/14/10
Time: 8PM Eastern
Location: Teleseminar
Cost: Free

Please click here to register and receive your access information:


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by MissSandman, Nov 08, 2010
I dream what seems like non-stop every night....and wake-up exhausted....even after 8 hours....and my body usually gives me no choice but to take a few hour nap during the day (almost as soon as I awaken).  Might this be from sleep apnea.  I lost my job because of this and can't seem to hold another.....muscles are so worn out....like I just did a marathon everyday.  Any advise?  Thanks ahead of time.

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