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Oct 19, 2010 - 1 comments

I have not updated my journal in a long time. I’m in survival mode and have been for a very long time. Currently the plan is to wean me off the Celexa. I have been taking it for almost a year now. I was taking 40mg and we (my psychiatrist and myself) weaned me down to 20mg. To wean me off the remainder 20mg we are going to use the oral solution. I am VERY sensitive to medication changes. We hope by using the oral solution this will go a lot smoother. So, this evening I am going to take 20mg of the solution. I am going to try the 20mg solution (same dose as my tablet form) for a few days to see if my body reacts differently to the solution. If it goes OK we will reduce my dose to 15mg of the solution and go from there. I am extremely nervous about this. I hope I don’t psych myself out before I even begin this.

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by cookie3114, Oct 29, 2010
Weaning off meds is no picnic! How did it go for you? What is the plan for after you are weaned off of it? Are you going to try an MAOI?

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