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so sleepy in my 9-10 weeks

Oct 19, 2010 - 0 comments

10 weeks

i am lucky that i have not been the victim of morning sickness,  but still my life has not been very easy in the last couple of weeks..
i feel so gaggy seeing food and feel stuffed all the time.. today we went out for a lunch buffet and i thought i will be able to eat what i wanted to since long- but looking at food, immediately filled my stomach and i end up eating a very very small portion of simple curd and half slice bread, which i also left in the end..
along with this , i  feel so sleepy  all the time... cannot open my eyes before 8 am .. and whenever its possible i end up taking naps during noons, evenings.. Where has all my energy gone..?
Not the least i feel very heavy & actually feel now that i am carrying- i have not  gained a lot, almost 2.4 lbs till the starting of my 10 weeks, but my stomach is totally out of proportion..i stopped wearing my regular jeans and now  in my jeans / pants of the time before loosing weight..
I do not even feel like going any where , gets tired so easily and  home looks heaven to me
Any ways, the simple thought of having a baby puts a smile on my face..
let me know how you Mumma to be feel..?
i would love to listen to you all..:-)

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