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Gypsy creams

Aug 25, 2008 - 0 comments







small mood dips



On waking - rather sleepy again, took two hours to wake up!
BLT for brekkie
AM - Did some studying, went ok, despite my usual anxieties
PM - went to see Hellboy II with hubby and Diane
Evening - sticks and poo for dinner, bit of telly and a bath.
Didnt manage a sit today, miss it but will do one tomorrow.
We are going to Brugge for our aniverrsary this year :-)
Mood wise, quite a chilled day for me, very slight mood swings now and then, more of a dip than a swing.  Feel quite peaceful and contented, despite my feelings about feeling peace ful and contented - ie painful but thats just the yin and jang of it for me.   Pleasure is always persued by pain.....whatever :-D

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