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Five days post Completion

Oct 30, 2010 - 0 comments










Here am I, five days after my second surgery.  The recovery hasn't gone as well this second time.  The pain and stiffness was mostly over and done by the third or fourth day after surgery last time--but I am still very sore today.  Granted, I took pain meds last time, but opted not to this time--so that may have something to do with it.  But, I had an allergic reaction to the pain meds last time, and the docs were only offering me narcotics this time, so I decided to just go with the Tylenol.  My calcium was low after the surgery, so I've been taking Os-Cal 500 morning and night since then, and I just didn't want to deal with the whole "gastric" issue associated with narcotics.

The only symptoms I'm experiencing (other than the pain and stiffness) is some generalized body aches and a. . . well, kind of a "grogginess."  Like my eyes feel a bit gritty and I'm having some trouble concentrating.  Can't really sleep that well, though.  Who knows what that's from?  Some research suggests that general anesthesia changes your brain wave patterns for up to six months after surgery.  No value judgement; not saying the change is good or bad, just that it is.

I go on Tuesday to have the suture removed, then on Friday for a visit with my bear of an Endo.  I guess I'll schedule my RAI then.  Whoopee.  Back to work on Monday.  Double whoopee.  Grad school is so bad right now and my adviser is such a. . . a. . .prat, that I sometimes wonder if, between cancer and grad school, grad school isn't the worse of the two?  I think it may be.  

Really ***** having an adviser who calls you into his office the Friday before your second surgery. . .for cancer. . .to tell you that he didn't like your lab meeting presentation and he's "concerned" that you're getting "distracted."  Ya think?  Hmm, what could I have to be distracted about?  Let me think?  Oh yeah, dunder-head me, I must be distracted by my cancer diagnosis and impending surgery.  Yep, guilty as charged.  Where could my priorities be?  Yeah, nothing like caring and understanding to help one along life's sometimes difficult path.

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