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Aug 26, 2008 - 0 comments

Today is the last day of week 6 for me. So far this week I just have not wanted to go to work. WORK bites. Okay work doesn't bite, but there are two people in the office I work at that are driving me nuts. They are nice and sincere, but frankly the sound of their footsteps coming down the hall just makes me all quiet, and irratated. DH is so so happy that I am this way towards others and not towards him. Is this normal to be aggitated with people like this?

I've noticed that in the middle of their stoires I will just zone out and start thinking of stuff like what I need to do, or what I should be doing besides sitting here wasting time listening to a story about a yoga class. The strange thing is it is only like this with these two people. Everyone else I am carefree, and talkative. It's a strange feeling for sure.

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