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MS Monday

Nov 08, 2010 - 0 comments



brain tumor






open biopsy

Waiting on answers! I hate having to spend so much time wondering is this really MS and is that the road my life is going to go down. I have read a lot about MS and have even begun to cope with some of the difficult realities. BUT then as soon as I start to feel a bit at ease the whole world gets flipped around again!!!

I had a MRI done about 2 weeks ago and there were no new spots on my brain or spinal cord, just the same one as has been there almost a year. However, the spot changed. And the neurosurgeon we saw at the beginning of this journey, the first time be thought it was a brain tumor, now wants to review the scans and decide if we may be back to that idea again. If we are then that means we in store for an open biopsy in the near future! Oh JOY! NOT! UGH! Could someone just give us a real answer sometime soon!

Very annoyed with all the waiting and uncertainties!

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