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Nov 08, 2010 - 1 comments


This is my first journal entry, and completely forgot about this really good outlet on here....
my anxiety was ok today....but kept thinking (not worrying so much , as I usually do) of getting a job I like..applying, not feeling nervous and panicky in front of the peeps I'm meeting for a job..etc...sometimes I wish life could just be really, really simple, and never never feel a pressure to always be 'on' per se, but I know things truly , are simple, i know that deep down. Its just once again me trying to figure myself out, overanalyze every friggin sensation i've had in the past, every "critique" of myself, and I know, that all is completely well in the world..its sometimes just my "thoughts"....

And tonight, mom had a low sugar of 40 or so, extremely close to giving her a glucagon shot, and calling an ambulance...sweating profusely, almost , almost ready to seizure (although she never has) while she keeps saying, "just give me more juice.." She nearly gave me a heart attack..and really could have died...arghhh....I had to walk out of the room to literally calm my heart rate down...she is pretty fit, yet has had diabetes for over 10 years anyone with tips on low sugars for diabetics, i welcome em!!! Ahhhh.....I'm really hoping though tomorrow I feel a little more "at ease"...So glad though she is feeling better now..thank God for grape juice and orange juice..

And, .I cannot worry anymore about the future....I always have to remind myself , from Eckhart Tolle's book:
"The future is already here, and you, already it." the "future" is a mind concept....please mind KNOW that now!!!!! and always..... It did feel good to write that out, and get this out tonight....gonna go lay down and relax /listen to music...nite nite...

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by Nighthawk61, Dec 07, 2012
It is so good to hear of family helping family. Your mom is lucky to have a daughter like you to care so much for her.

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