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Inflated/swollen vagina lips

Nov 09, 2010 - 3 comments











inner lips











For the past 2-3 years, my vagina lips swell while masturbation, being touched or rubbed, and during and after sexual intercourses.

I've been with the same partner for the past 4 years. And yes, I've had other partners before him but had never experienced this previously.  Before these symptoms, I truly enjoyed sex: everything about it arouses me. I must say that, at the time where my lips started to inflate, I was into rough sex. Yet, I have had rough sex for years and enjoyed it, and never experienced this.

Two years ago, as I was having sex with my bf, something stung me inside of my vagina. It felt like a bee had stung me, near my pelvic. It felt like a pinch yet it felt like an enormous button had exploded and caused an eruption of fire and rupture inside my vagina.  My minor labia (inner vagina lips) inflated till they eventually came out completely of my vagina (hanging out literary). They looked like a hamburger! It felt numb, swollen, and full of blood. It was extremely painful and sore, so I applied all over my vagina Vaseline: at least when I walked, they wouldn’t get dry that easily and burn even more by rubbing against my thighs. That day, my inflation was so severe and heavy (lasted for more than 4 hours), that I had the time to visit 2 clinics. The doctors who checked me asked me what happened, but were still clueless at the sight of my inflation. So they simply prescribed me de-inflammatory pills.

Ever since then, my labia swells and inflates whenever sex is involved (in general, it inflates less than an hour though). After the inflation, my labia is still excessively numb and feels like it’s ready to explode all kinds.
I did everything in my powers to comprehend what was going on; I went to several clinics and hospitals, got tested several times, visited my gynaecologist and even countless other doctors, more than I should of had, to get answers. But absolutely nothing was found: they told me to change positions, to be sure to get aroused, to really want to have sex, and to use lubrificant. One doctor was convinced that it had nothing to do with sex (when I clearly told him that the inflation occurred with sexual events) and suggested me to wear cotton underwear, and perhaps stop using condom (which I am not allergic to). All of these advices were useless.
For the past 3 years, I seek desperately help from professionals: I’ve been analyzed through tests, but nothing. They said that everything is perfect.

Not only does my minor labia inflates, but other odd phenomenon have occurred: my vagina itches till a point where I bleed, whereas sometimes skin just peels off on the major labia and bleeds on its own (without any discomfort). Red dots, random rashes, odd white pimples, and small “mosquito”-looking bite on the top of my vagina were found. But they all come and leave, quickly.
Whenever I address my concerns to doctors, they look and see nothing (obviously, because my rashes, inflation, irritations, pimples,etc., come and go, so quickly, that they disappear by the time I can even get an appointment to see the doctors). They took samples, sent them to the lab, analyze it all and advise me that there’s nothing wrong: that I’m “normal”. With all of these issues, I doubt that I'm in a "normal" state.

I'm hopeless. Whenever I think about my situation, I can't help myself but to cry. I feel like if I have a disease. I feel like someone just snatched me away from myself.  Doctors and professionals in this field do not seem to know what’s going on with me.  Personally, the vagina is the most valuable thing in my life: it represents my femininity, personality, power, goals, my identify, my future, and my being. And the fact that it's "dysfunctional" makes me feel like another person, with no needs and wants, and can't do anything about it. I've lost my sexual appeal and empowerment (which I was so grateful for).

Doctors oversimplify and overlook my situation. Because of this, I found myself constantly thinking and reflecting upon it, making me go crazy. I believe I have even developed mental issues regarding sex (never being fully aroused, worrying about pain, at a point where I really don't enjoy having sex because of all of these associations), and all of it just emphasis and worsening this "illness". I think at this point, I have further diseases and need to consult a sex therapist specialist.

If anyone have similar issues, if anyone knows what I’m going through or has an idea of what I could possibly do, please help me, I would be MORE than thankful.
Thank you,

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by imenuff, Apr 26, 2011
Oh my goodness, you have the words right out of my head and applied them to "paper". I always thought that the swelling was just out of good and I mean good sex. But it comes very often and when the symptoms re-occur they come back stronger than they were from the onset. I have been to so many doctors, I think they should pay me. First it was don't douche, your body is too clean. I was like "what the hell" so I have cut down on the douching..... Then it was change my kind of  panties.... wow, I did that.... I do however wear a pantyliner daily. I can not  not wear a liner, the doctor told me to cut back on the liners, because of the way the liners are made. Im like "dang" that is a serious issue for me. I have changed my routine lately, I've used some bar soap, with perfume, and I think it dried me out. I shaved with a razor and cut myself, or scraped myself, and that made itch. And of course I scratched it, and scratched and it began to swell.  I went to the doctors and they told me that nothing was there. but I feel like my body isn't mine. My sex partner, is worried, and thats great, he shows concern. He held my hand while I soaked in an epson salt bath.  It soothes it for now, I will keep you updated as my progress progresses. I hope you find some success in your search. As for "your body" sweetie it's yours. Make it okay with you. Take back who you were, your sexiness, your womanhood, go get your YOU back. And enjoy it.... For me, for you and every other woman going through this problem.....

Sisters in the fight......

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by Jalyrica, Mar 26, 2015
I don't know where to start with what's going on with me I itch so bad and it feel like somebody I poking me with needles or something I can't even sleep at night. I don't know why I itch there is nothing down there my husband check me all the time. I don't like to have sex cause it itch so bad during and after sex I be so wet down there. I have tried everything and can't find nothing to stop the itch or the pain I scratch so hard it swells and bleed.. I have to go to bed nude so want nothing touch it. I use all kinds of itch creams I use ice to numb myself down there... Just please help me

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by JackiD25, Dec 05, 2016
Have any of you looked into Behçet's disease? I am experience the same things. Intiching till I bleed, swollen and sore, pimples rashes and sores. [email protected]@ Std tests are negative all yeast infection and bv are negative. Go to a gyno bring it up and go to a rheumatologist as they can officially diagnose you. It's a rare blood vessel disorder. Idk if it is what I have and I am working with specialists but I would do some research and bring it up to your doctors. It can't hurt to ask.

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