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Veterans Day 2010

Nov 11, 2010 - 0 comments










Had a sleepless time from 3 thirty to 5 thirty (not sure of the times, approx.)  Shoulder aching.  Nervous about the way I sleep, can't get comfortable.  2 days ago (Mon/Tues) I woke up with a severe back ache, which gradually improved over the day.  Since then, I am questioning what sleep position to assume.  Fell asleep with no problem but woke in the middle of the night, still sleepy but worried about my back.  Got up and read until sleepy again.

Working on our slow, alternate computer, I have adapted to the slowness with pretty good patience.  I am using pillows to adapt to the less comfortable  chair.  Joined the MedHelp today and will investigate the possibilities for tracking what is happening with my pain management.  Also from, joined a study course (actually 3 of them) on pain management, which inspired me to join Med Help, with the idea of keeping a pain journal.  

As usual, the internet whets my interest in ways to communicate and explore.  As long as I can surf around, I'm okay.

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