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Off the Wagon

Nov 14, 2010 - 0 comments

Well, the holiday season, as it usually does, bit me in the backside with major sugar overload. From my partner's birthday on October 22, I found myself having a really hard time trying to back off from some old favorite sugar foods, which over time snowballed into a major setback as old habits came to visit me once again with their usual baggage of extra weight. I put on EIGHT pounds in NINE days, just from eating REGULAR sugar at some point every day. That should be fracking impossible, but it taught me the lesson that I've been trying to learn all along: Sugar acts in the body like pure starch, and it gets converted to fat at an astronomical rate for me, and more so now than ever before in my lifetime. To make a gambling reference, the table's the same, but the game has changed!

Life has been uprooted in other ways as well, which probably didn't help my better judgement in the dietary department. Our dear friend who had a major stroke at our home in July was released from the nursing home FINALLY on October 23, and now he is staying with my partner and I as he continues to recover. Both men in the house are disabled and in wheelchairs and require a fair amount of assistance in daily living, a job which falls entirely in my jurisdiction as I've been caregiving full time since 2002 and certainly have enough experience and savvy to keep both patients well maintained and safe. So far, so good. I'm certainly beaten up in my energy capacity and sleep is harder to get than ever before, but with two happy and healthy patients in the house, I get through it knowing that they are both thriving because of the efforts I put in on their behalf.

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