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Periods...where are you?

Nov 16, 2010 - 5 comments

I rang my IVF clinic today to see if there was something they would prescribe me to bring on my periods so we can get dates for our FET. I want a result (BFN/BFP) by Christmas
So they asked me could i possibly be pregnant now? No...I don't think so..was my answer, but she still sent me for a blood test anyway!
I already know what the result will be....but maybe a 1% chance that i could be wrong?
Results tomorrow!

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136689 tn?1419580447
by misslollipop, Nov 16, 2010
good luck hopefully that 1% is what you are waiting for..

1453322 tn?1438344297
by klr2650, Nov 16, 2010
RESULTS OF BLOOD TEST: its not a negative, but it is a low range HCG.......another blood test scheduled for Friday. Cossing my fingers/toes/legs etc!

136689 tn?1419580447
by misslollipop, Nov 17, 2010
great news so far, hopefully the levels are rising !!! SSBD

1117231 tn?1456609540
by gilkesy, Nov 17, 2010
Good luck for Friday. Keep us all posted x

1453322 tn?1438344297
by klr2650, Nov 19, 2010
HCG = less than 5. BFN BFN...i didn't even cry or get overly upset. Does this mean i already knew or that it's all too familiar?
I'm now on a drug to bring on my period. Start taking tonight for 7 days, then i should bleed in 2-3 days, then i guess we are preparing for a FET mid December, but working out the time line, i won't know til after Xmas if it's successful. I really wanted a surprise priot to Xmas.....oh well. :(

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