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Nov 16, 2010 - 1 comments

So I started thinking /getting anxious about "things" in the "future"..... a few hours ago.
I found myself saying, "oh, what if this happens," & , "what if I feel like panicky/nervous at that time..?" About a few mins into feeling this way, thinking, overfocusing, worrying, (list could go on) ..I thought.."No!!!  I 'm here now, and that"  I'll (in "future") only think of THAT moment...which will be Now as well ..only that...and then I will not worry /get anxious/ etc.....the past is not going to h ave a hold on me/OR the future =)

Note to self:  (or any person )   Please remember this , and only this; and know if I have done it once(been calm, been in Now only, and known I can do it, know I can have a "no mind" way of BEING,not always "doing") I can (or anyone) do it ANY time ....ANY time access that!!

Off to bed, eyes literally hurting; sweet dreams please follow now! (also gotta remember as well, note to self: Life is but a dream !)  

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by Nighthawk61, Dec 07, 2012
The happiest people are those that know how to be present and live in  the moment. Enjoy your moments to the max. Be grateful for your health. Live with that purpose. Thank you for the reminder. Sweet dreams, always.

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