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tired of pills..............but not tired enough

Nov 18, 2010 - 3 comments



cold turkey













So I have been going back and forth about the decision to finally stop the Norco's for awhile now.   I just don't understand why it is so hard for me to quit.  I have quit worse things than Norco before cold turkey.  I heard once that everytime you relapse and start again it's harder to quit..............maybe that's true.  I'm tired, tired of being a different person than I once was, tired of the financial drain it's putting on me, just tired. And all my problems relate to pills, like I can see a direct connection, it's crazy. And after saying all of that, why can't I just decide not to take anymore or at the very least taper off.  Last week I was looking up info on suboxone online and I found a website that said you can have an appointment within 72 hours. So I bought my pills for the weekend then figured I would have an appointment by Monday. Well I called and it's a 3 month wait.  It really pissed me off because they shouldn't say 72 hours if that isn't true.  The first appointment would be $500 and then weekly it would be $110.  That is so much cheaper than what I'm spending now.  I didn't schedule the appointment though.  We'll see, maybe I'll get tired enough next week to actually do something.

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by wendy111, Nov 18, 2010
research suboxine before you go on the program. I thought of suboxine and glad I did not get an appointment after reading how hard it is to get off off.
there are some out there that say it is great but withdrawal  is Wd and off of suboxine is the hardest to do.
  I went CT of opiates august and made 39 days and relasped because I was not ready to do it.  I am on day 28 now and doing real well.  I was ready this time and making it so far.  it is not true the more you quit the harder it is.
it all had to do with attitude and the drugs not being an option for you that is what others have told me and that holds so true.

it is not easy but i am doing things straight never thought I could do, I am getting better slowly but I have used so long do not know what being straight for me is.

Do not fear the WD they last for about a week peaking at day 4-5 and they do end the physical part.  the mental part is harder.  

hope this help and post there are so many that will help and so many good suggestion
good luck and stay strong.

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by moni80, Nov 20, 2010
thank you.............I really needed to hear it and congratulations on your clean time.  I'm glad you said that about the suboxone because I  really didn't research it, I just basically looked at it as a way to get off the norco without the withdrawals.  Today was payday though and what did I do but go buy more's crazy

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by luvrboyee, Nov 07, 2011
had knee surgery 4 months ago, since have been taking 100 mg norco everyday. am now at the point i no longer want to be a slave to the pills! i am 49 yrs old and quit drinking 3 yrs ago and am back in a battle for my life. i have no intentions of drinking and have no desire, am looking for away to detox from these norco and have read alot of stories does anyone no of a supplement of some kind to curve the suffering? will keep my situation posted thank you.

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