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Horrible AF this time!  

Nov 24, 2010 - 4 comments

I'm curious if the clomid made my AF worse??  I usually get a "spotting" or "light" first day. But I started yesterday and it was already medium flow, this morning was definitely super heavy.  Of course I'm having the "normal" pain I have every month. So bad that I can't even wear pants or panties, just the elastic or band of the pants or panties hurt more. UGh.  Somethings gotta give here soon, I can't take much more of this.  

Anyways, here's to next cycle!

This IS never ending. :(
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by Risa615, Nov 24, 2010
Heavy AF is a good sign that your lining was nice and think. Bummer that stupid AF came though, makes me mad!   I know your RE office is far, but having in u/s mid cycle lets you know if your follicles are growing and what size they are. That is what you need to do next cycle.  In order to take Clomid again, you need to go see a dr this week so they can make sure you don't have any cysts and start you a Clomid again.  Since tomorrow is a holiday, can you go Friday?

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by Des_a_rae, Nov 24, 2010
Hi Risa!  I just want to thank you first for being so thoughtful and always checking in.  You're such a great friend and I really appreciate that!   I did go back to the dr. today.  No cysts thank goodness and more clomid for next cycle.  I told them about my progesterone being low about 2 months ago so they're going to check it again this time.  

I'm glad it's a good sign, it's just really misreable.  I usually spot which turns into light flow the next day then it goes to medium.  It was medium right off the bat this time and of course today it's really heavy. I just hope it doesn't get worse than what it is now.  

How is this cycle going for you??   I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!!  Take care hun! :)

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by Risa615, Nov 24, 2010
Hi Desarae,
You are welcome. I just want you to get your BFP soon since there is no reason why it shouldn't be now!!!! Glad you got Clomid, but you should still go before ovulation to check on your follicles and sizes.  If your follicles are good, then they give you HCG, which makes you ovulate the next day.  Have you ever gone for an u/s for follicle check up?  This is the best way to see if Clomid is working for you and if not, then Fermara is the next step. I did Clomid two cycles are really didn't like the way it made me feel and then did Fermara for 11 cycles on and off for 1.5 years with the last cycle in Jan. 2010.  My old dr took me off if it and told me I wasn't going to get pregnant, so been using vitamins since then. My new dr wanted to see how I would do now that my follicles have been great without it, and I did have three good size, but you know, not really sure this is my cycle. I do have hope, but if it isn't my cycle, I am going to do the HCG  for sure next cycle. I would have done it this cycle, but DH was out of town for two days, so it didn't match up. He did get home to bd on natural ovulation day, but I do know out of the many failed IUIs I did, the one that I feel almost took was the first one that had the HCG injection.  Anyway, you have a great Thanksgiving too! It is now cold in my part CA, actually needed a jacket today which is funny because a few weeks ago it was in the 80s!


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by onyxangel, Nov 25, 2010
yay for heavy cycle! Sounds silly but that means your making a perfect bed for that little bean to stick to!!! Wishing you a Xmas special ;) xoxoxo SSBD for next cycle!!!

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