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Nov 26, 2010 - 2 comments

I feel soooo bad this started after I ate yesterday and is continuing to have an effect on me now...the bloating & nausea are horrible...I feel like if I hurl I will feel much better, but I dislike vomitting with a passion...I'm praying that the lord brings forth a quick healing today...

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by mlward3, Nov 26, 2010
GIRL!!!! I Was sooooo sick yesterday! It started Wednesday afternoon stomach started hurting then it Just got terrible! I dry heaved for 4 hours before I actuality started vomitting. Then it was really on!!! I vomitted all night and diarrhea well into yesterday morning! Then it was gradually better! I thought it was a virus but now my Momma has convinced its my gallbladder!!! I dunno I'm sure glad its gone!!! I am Praying for you!! Please Lord take this sickness away, AMEN!!! XXX

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by Dreamia, Nov 26, 2010
Thanks mlward...I do feel just a tadbit, I hope it's not your gallbladder...hope you start to feel better as well...

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