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Bleeding at 11 weeks

Nov 27, 2010 - 8 comments

I am devastated and haven't stopped crying all afternoon. I was at a BBQ with my husband and he just finished telling his mate our good news and I felt blood run down my leg. I ran to the bathroom and sure enough my knickers were soaked in blood. My husband took me home and put me straight into bed. This time exactly 12 months ago we list our 9 week old little boy. Feel so stupid since I even took a photo of my 10 week baby bump and booked myself in for an amniocentesis. We were going to tell all our family and friends at Xmas. We are only a week away from Week 12. Don't think there's any hope and have to wait through the night to ring my IVF clinic tomorrow.

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1456473 tn?1365827455
by superchoc, Nov 27, 2010
are you experiencing any pain? something similar happened me at 6 weeks, i also passed a clot but everything turned out ok. im trying to hold onto hope. hope its just something else. you are in my prayers x

1117231 tn?1456609540
by gilkesy, Nov 27, 2010
I had some cramping and had spotting back in week 10. This time it is bright red and like a period with some cramping. I am hoping I don't miscarry tonight in my sleep!

1417531 tn?1365597725
by Hopeful4aBlessing, Nov 27, 2010
Hang in there... good luck with the clinic and let us know how it turns out. We're all here for each other... fingers crossed you and baby are okay! :) BIG HUGS!

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by Tasia32, Nov 27, 2010
It could still be ok, I am holding hope for you that the baby will be fine. Please keep us posted!

1014822 tn?1338648073
by Kara_robbie, Nov 27, 2010
I'm so very sorry. I pray things will be ok for you.

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by bernie40, Nov 27, 2010
I had a similar thing happen at 11 weeks with one of my children, she is now 8 years old.  I really hope everything is ok for you (((hugs)))

1117231 tn?1456609540
by gilkesy, Nov 28, 2010
Thanks everyone. No one would scan me today being a Sunday so I have to wait till tomorrow to get in somewhere. Extremely upset since had some more bleeding today.

1453322 tn?1438344297
by klr2650, Nov 28, 2010
OMG Honey...seen your message & all i can do is gasp, i am crying with you..I really thought that this one was the ONE!, It's not over yet...I'll keep you in my thoughts and check in tomorrow. Please keep us updated. Mwah!

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