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Post Ablation Observations.....

Nov 30, 2010 - 0 comments







Wolff Parkinson White

Nov.30, 2010

I'm back from a US Thanksgiving holiday vacation, and now 2 weeks post ablation.  The past weekend, I managed to lace up my skates, and attend a practice session.  I would say my performance was way off.  I was easily winded, and my heart skipped quite a bit when I turned up the smoke a little.  However, the next day, I was on my son's roof blowing the leaves out of the gutters, and I had no problems.  It wasn't as strenuous as skating, but I was sweating, and a breathing hard by the time I was finished.  So, go figure?

I'm still experiencing skips, and short runs of tachycardia which terminate on their own after 5-8 beats.  The heart pain I was feeling though is gone.

What continues to hurt is my right leg.  The discoloration has moved down to my inner thigh, close to my knee.  The inner part of my thigh muscle from just above my knee to right where the edge of a chair would touch hurts like heck.  It kind of burns when you rub it, and aches if you're seated for a while, then get up to walk.

Another wierd injury I've been nursing has been inside of my mouth.  They must have scraped my lower gum when they inserted the breathing tube, and it has been severely ulcerated for almost 2 weeks and is very painful.  Mornings start out fine, but quickly go downhill as soon as I start to chew anything.  It may be a tiny bit better today; well have to see.  I've been an Advil junkie lately.

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