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CD 21 test (progesterone levels) after ferama...

Dec 10, 2010 - 3 comments





progesterone levels

Well tom I will be taking my CD 21 progesterone  test, I hope I have awesome numbers. I hope the femara worked. I been having some cramping so I hope thats a good sign. please I pray that my numbers come back good. lord please hear my cries. I wont know anything till mon or tues. I have my fingers crossed...

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1270719 tn?1300220592
by lin_z_ttc1, Dec 13, 2010
I'll be praying for ya girlie! Now that they finally found out the issue, I think every thing will be working out for you this month! Keep me posted! :0)

1160836 tn?1332330169
by Sobie, Dec 13, 2010
I found out today that I DID O!!!!!!!! I am super happy, the OD worked for me... Now I just have to get that BFP... Guess one step at a time.. ;0)

790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, Dec 13, 2010
Woohoo!! Congrats on Oing!! :D  Yeap, one step at a time. I tell ya what I don't breathe "right" until I'm in the TWW.  I've been taking Clomid so I have to worry about taking it at the right time everyday from cd5-9 then I worry about all the side effects, then having to worry about whether I'm going to O or not, then worrying about BDing enough and FINALLY when O is confirmed I kinda breathe then and wait lol.  It's awful we have to go through this month after month but well worth it for our little bundle of joy! : D   I went today too for my progesterone blood work, unfortunately I won't know for another day or 2.  I had to take progesterone suppositories because even after I O'd it was only 9.1 and he said he wanted it at least 12 or 13.  Anyways, GOOD LUCK to you!! Wishing you the best hun!!   Lots of SSBD!!! :D

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