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Uber confused!

Dec 11, 2010 - 4 comments

I tested again  yesterday and got a "no where near positive". SO I was thinking on CD 16 when I got that very dark one that had to of been it because I haven't had one that close since then.  BUT what's so confusing is my temp did dip yesterday like it usually does, good right?? Well this morning it was low again, same temp reading!  If it's low like I'm ovulating, why isn't it picking up on those stupid sticks?  I HATE Those sticks, I wished I had the strips.  I always use them and they were out. UGH!  I'm going to try to find some strips today lol.

This IS never ending. :(
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by Dreamia, Dec 11, 2010
Don't feel bad...I'm starting to wonder whether or not I really did O or not...I had all the signs indicating that I did, but as of now I still have not gotten my period...Last cycle I started to spot on CD29, but I haven't even seen a twinge of spotting as of right now...I took a hpt this morning and got a BFN so idk what is going on...maybe it will start today as I have had some cramping...

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by mlward3, Dec 11, 2010
I know!!!! I'm tempted not to use them this month Just BD everyother day starting cd6 till af;) surly ill hit it somewhere in all that!! Got an appointment with an Re January 5th so I'm excited about that, scared to! I don't know what they will do or recommend! Good luck lady!! You best be Bd every other day anyways, regardless of what those sticks show!

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by Des_a_rae, Dec 11, 2010
Thanks Ladies!!

Dreamie, Hmm...hopefully it's still to early to test!!! :D  I'm hoping so anyways. I pray AF is a no show!! :p  

Mlward..UGH I hate using the sticks...BUT I did test again just a few min ago and guess what???  I got a definite + !   Go figure. Still weireded out by the temps though. lol.   Definitely BDing!!    Good luck with the RE!  My first visit I was SO overwhelmed with info I was crying as we were driving away. Take a pen, paper and I'm sure hubs is going with you??  Mine did, it really helped. He remembered stuff I forgot AND it's like when they started talking my mind went blank.  I had all  kinds of questions when I left from there that I wanted to ask WHILE I was there!!!   BUT I was also there for surgery as well as TTC.  Either way though, I'm absolutely wishing you the best!! :D  

Good luck to both of you ladies!!  SSBD!! :D

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by Amy1223, Dec 11, 2010
Hi Girls, Don't 100% rely on OPK's and BBT!
Whenever I tried that it didn't work for me.
I just BD from CD6 to CD20-CD22 every alternate days! and it worked for me!
That's it!
Good Luck Ladies and SSBD to all of you!!

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