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redness of foreskin

Aug 31, 2008 - 2 comments



penis irritation



My 66 year old husband has had recurring small area on foreskin (uncircumcised) that has been treated with an antifungal cream. The area clears up but then returns several weeks later. Could Dial soap cause this? He showers daily, wears cotton briefs and cotton shorts or pants. He does exercise daily by walking, riding the bike, or working in the yard for 2 hours twice a week. He doen't shower until after 12 noon after working in the yard or doing home projects. We no longer have sex. Do you have any suggestions for other treatment or care. Thank-you.

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by giannit, Apr 19, 2013
Soap on the foreskin is a bad idea and not at all necessary. I began having this problem around age 70 and treatment with antifungal worked. However, if I don't blot out excess moisture after washing, it recurs. i retract my foreskin daily and wash with plain tap water, rubbing gently with thumb and forefinger to remove dead skin cells, etc., even on days I don't shower because of dry, itchy skin on legs.

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by Cowboy62, Dec 27, 2014
by Cowboy62,Dec 27, 2014      Well  I   will   stop  using  soap  in  that  area  to  see  if  it  works  thanks.

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