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Sad day

Dec 12, 2010 - 1 comments

Today is another  sad day of mi life ,  mi FET  fail , i file so bad  all the time i have tears in mi eyes and i am about to burst in tears every  time  , i cannot watch mi hubby in eyes  i file is mi fault for  this , i had so many dreams that i will become a mom and with just a single phone call all gone , dye instant ...
I have no one to talk to , all have expectation from me  but they don't know haw  bad i file and alone and weak.
I have so many questions and no answers , maybe this is mi punish from God for the bad thinks i did in past ... i dont know what to do any more  this was mi chance to get pregnant  and  i lost it  i file mi head will explode soon so much angry and no one to blame  but me  i wish i dye


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by micheledawnrn, Dec 12, 2010
I will pray that things get better for you.

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