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12/17/10 0924

Dec 17, 2010 - 0 comments

I was hurting very badly yesterday and did not even get on the computer to surf or pkay games. Yesterdays pain was varying between 7-9 for most of the day. I was finally able to get it down to a 6 at bedtime when I took my night meds.The pain was the most intense in my low back and down the right leg. My big toe felt like it had lightening rods shooting from it. Today seems to be a better day. Thank you God for giving a day of lower pain. I have learned to greatly appreciate the days when my pain level is at 4 or 5. It never goes away completely, but I have accepted that will never happen. Today my pain level is a 5 in the same areas as yesterday. Those areas today are achy, and very tender to touch. But the spasms are much better.

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