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can't find enzymes on tracker?

Dec 23, 2010 - 2 comments






Well I forgot, on the 20th, I had some blood work back, altho I don't get VL till Jan.
My enzymes (I think AST and Alt?) well whatever, the marker kind of ones, they didn't go down, one stayed the same 149, the other went up one point to 153.  However, my platelets and stuff went whacko which apparently means 1.  don't cut myself! and 2. the rivavirin is working.

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by blondie717, Dec 31, 2010
Well my study doc said they dont worry about alt and ast going up. He said usually enzymes go up as a person clears the virus. Is it true I dont know. It also may take a few weeks before you see a change. Mine went to normal at wk 8. and yes Im scared. Mine never went up . and yes im scared. I think soon you will see a change.  Happy new years. ginger

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by imhermom, Jan 02, 2011
Yeah, my nurse says the same thing about ALL the numbers.  You can't compare yourself with others, just like in the rest of life.  But I am just barely holding the fear back until I get my new numbers tomorrow.  How I wish I was another genotype!

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