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Beginning of my journey

Nov 25, 2010 - 0 comments

In my adult life I have never been what you would call a thin person, but before my children were born I weighed about 125-130 pounds.  At my heaviest, February 2010 I weighed approximately 150 pounds.  I attributed this to the fact that at the time, I was addicted to Ambien/lunesta and was one of the rare cases of the patient who would eat, drive, talk, etc. in my sleep.  My husband would find me at all hours of the night sitting in the kitchen eating while I was sound asleep.  Long story short, my doctor diagnosed me as bi-polar and put me on Abilify.  My life has drastically changed for the better, unfortunately it has increased my appetite thus causing me to put on an additional 40 pounds.

My oldest daughter is getting married in November of 2011 and I want to be at a healthy weight for the wedding.  I am starting this journey with the same diligence I had when I was getting off the sleep meds.  This forum helped me drastically with the sleep meds and my recovery, so I am going to try to use it with the weightloss journey.  I was reluctant to post how much I weigh, but I riealized that if I want to do this successfully I was going to have to be honest with myself and with others.

I CAN do this and I WILL do this.

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