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Panic Attacks - They Happen

Dec 28, 2010 - 1 comments



Panic attacks


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You probably read my responses to questions and I just want to let you know I still do get Panic attacks, actually I just had one so I wanted to let you know what they feel like if your new to these.

While its fresh in my mind I wanted to let anyone curious as to what I felt before during and after so you can compare and know this is what panic feels and looks like.

Unfortunately this morning I had a craving for double fudge chocolate cake and had a slice (it's the holidays, but bad for us anxiety folks :-), and after eating it an hour later I felt a bit weak and slightly nauseous and a wee bit shaky. The reason for this is two-fold caffiene in the chocolate and the spike and drop of blood sugar (a drop in blood sugar causes panic symptoms) I shook this off but knew where it can lead. I have noticed the last day or so I have become a bit obsessed with my heart, and was concentrating to much on thinking and worrying about it, knowing it is irrational and a prelude to a panic attack.

Well walking down the hall I was in deep thought, which always seems to be the case, when I realized I seemed to not be me, I had an intense feeling of derealization, then automatically panic sets in, a warm buzzing feeling came over my head, my heart picked up a little, not a lot (I dont let it runaway like it used to), and a rush of fear came in like an army attacking. My jaw was clenched, my breathing shallow, legs jittery, and hands squeezed and eyes unfocused and blurry.

My first un-instigated thought was that my heart was having and issue, so I felt my pulse, knowing this was all made up, but the fear drove me there. Pulse normal if quick. Then the feeling of wanting to run away, anywhere, and an intense feeling of not being real and disappearing were prominent.

The attack didnt last long because I immediately know what it is and tell myself what is happening internally. After the attack my hands and body were shaking like I just dumped a ton of adrenaline in my system which is exactly what happened. My thought process wanted me to move toward health and heart, and especially about breathing or feeling like I could not even though I was taking full breaths and not feeling SOB, but I would not let it. I got waves of derealization that hit and then pass, and the occasional jumpy feeling and shock in my head like I want to get away.
These jumps hit like waves after the attack threatening round two of a fantastic journey :-)

My subconscious wants to research, worry, run, hide, but I know this is the wrong thing to do and dont do it anymore. My chest and arms feel like electricity is buzzing through them

The whole process which is ending now is a classic feeling of anxiety and lasted maybe 20 minutes, and the peak of panic lasting less than 30 seconds.

This is one way a panic attack feels, and know that if you get these feelings and have anxiety and PA, this is typical and not something to let your mind run away with. This was not heart related, health related at all but one of thousands of attacks I have had over my lifetime.

Be strong, it ***** but it is very possible to understand and get through and attack barely scathed. By the way this was a 4 on the panic attack Richter scale.

Good Luck and I hope you find the information useful.

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by DJ873, Dec 28, 2010
thanks for sharing, i too while intensely hate panic attacks more than pretty much anything, but too am learing to self talk and calm my body. Good for you! accepting we have these is half the battle :)

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