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Not again

Sep 03, 2008 - 0 comments

Now i got the racing of my heart back just when i thought that it was under control.. darn it i am so frustrated i could not sleep at all just mean that tonight i will be so tired and do just that! i scare myself when my heart is feelin like it is gonna thump out of my chest man i dont like that feeling! and i did get upset and cried for a while yersterday see i get food stamps and i did not turn a check stub in so the case worker says and i have been crying after that all cause i did not know how i was going to feed my kids so now i got some food donated that helped cause wow i was stressing over it all now days in this world things are just to much money ya know.. well i suppose i will close i just am wonderin if any of gets the racing of there heart like this and it goes on for the hole day and night? does anyone? got to go get the kids ready now for there 2nd day of school there happy now :)

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