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How to Increase your Milk supply

Jan 03, 2011 - 1 comments

This works for me so I thought I would share:

Hi Everyone! When I returned back to work from leave I was pumping twice at work and getting about 14 ounces. Well that decreased to about 6 ounces a couple weeks later. Now I must admit I wasn't drinking water like I was suppose too or eating breakfast. My sister in law recommended Traditional Medicinal Organic Mother's Milk promotes Healthy Lacation. I finally found the tea after going to the second Publix store and after 3 cups my supply is back in full force. :D I also read that eating oatmeal helps too, so after two days I was leaking again. I'm so my sister in law said "Welcome back Milk Machine" Its the best stuff in the world so I recommend it.

Another thing that helped was Kenkey, it like a cornmeal ball thats eaten with soups or stews. My husband is from Ghana and it taste ok when eaten with stew but they recommend you blend it with water or milk and sugar. I did this and pretty much gagged so I added more sugar and apple pie spices.. LOL This helped a lot too but not easy on the taste buds.

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by Spiket77, Apr 11, 2011
I use that tea too! I also eat oatmeal every morning and it helps a lot.

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