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A little known secret about your face is that your capacity for facial remodeling is retained throughout your life, not just in your teenage years or early 20’s. Understanding this little fact can be the most beneficial if you are interested in looking younger. Yes I said “Younger.” And who wouldn’t want to look younger?

For many this usually means a trip to your favorite Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon to get facial fillers and/or even plastic surgery. The there is the pain and downtime involved with these procedures, while still trying to maintain a public daily routine. Not all of us are willing to undergo the procedures listed to get there.

SO what if I told you there IS a way to accomplish all that and much more, all while doing it in the most organic way.  WHILE YOU SLEEP! No needles, no cutting, no fillings, or prodding.

In my Practice, that being a Dental Practice, I see people all the time that are unhappy with the crowding of their teeth and unevenness of their smile. We all want to have nice full smiles-REAL SMILES. However, till now, the options of bracket braces and even its most popular cousin, the aligner type of Orthodontics has kept many away. We live in a fast paced world and most people find these treatments very cumbersome and lifestyle encroaching.

I know by now you must be thinking what connection do misaligned teeth and facial rejuvenation have in common? Well, there is a list of connections here. You see the reason for this misalignment in the first place is the improper facial and dental arch growth; showing us that the two are intrinsically connected.

So the question to ask yourself is:  


• More Prominent Cheek Bones
• Wider Smile
• Decreased Lines and Wrinkles
• Straighter Teeth
• Better Facial Symmetry
• Improved Nasal Breathing (Less Snoring)

And the positive benefits continue thru the use of a special individually fitted Oral Appliance that is worn at night while you sleep. It’s that easy.

If this has peeked your interest set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation and evaluation with Dr. Nassery. Together we will see if this device is right for you.

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