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Already Smoking again - another broken New Years Resolution

Jan 04, 2011 - 0 comments





New Years Resolution



I kinda already said this in one of my comments in a Pregnancy forum, but I suppose I'll just say it again anyways:

So much for that New Years resolution to quit smoking. I didnt even last 4 days without my cigarettes before I broke down after a stressful day at work and snuck outside this afternoon to smoke two cigarettes. Pathetic.

That was all it took for me to completely give in to my smoking addiction, because an hour later all I could think about was having another badly needed cigarette. Next thing you know I was outside again smoking two more cigarettes before I got off work, and the first thing I did when I left the office was light up yet another cigarette.

After luxuriously enjoying four more cigarettes on my drive back home from a long day at work, I've just about decided that I really do love smoking and Im far too committed as a smoker to give it up this year. Maybe next year, Eh.

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