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Analyzing the Deluge

Jan 05, 2011 - 6 comments


I'm getting closer to undrstanding the sociolgy and mechanics of the stuff I am going through.  When we left this, we knew that incontinence and dead mice were related.  We also know that MySterious things happen at night.  I've been having rough nights as the face pain (TN? TMJ? Dental issues?) is much worse at night.  I'm also taking some narcotic meds which make me a little scatter-brained.

Last night I awakened with the knowledge that I was already leaking.  I leapt up out of my recliner, unceremoniously dumping the cat at my feet while simultaneously peeing on her.  Poor girl.  She awakens slowly and really didn't know what hit her.  She didn't like it when she found out.  At least I didn't kick her this time.  My incontinence pad (I, know, TMI) had malfunctioned.  So it was another night of mopping and packing clothes into the laundry room.  At least now we know how the mice fare so badly.  They really are washed away in the flood!

I had to analyze what had gone wrong, because I am usually a few steps away from from chair before any overflow leaking happens.  In this case, the problem with the pad was that it wasn't there.  Ooops.  Turns out you actually have to USE them in order for them to work.  Oh, well.  Do I really have to go through this for the rest of my life like my Uro-Gyne predicts?  Drat.

And, to make up for the bad night, Fizzy brought me a new little field mouse and played with it for the next few hours.  Oh, joy.

Stay tuned.


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by Lulu54, Jan 05, 2011
Yes, girl.  You do have to use them for them to work.  We're in the club together - life-time membership dues are already paid.  You would think by now your area would have run out of mice....  

198419 tn?1360242356
by sllowe, Jan 06, 2011
Yikes. Staying tuned ...Hoping on hope the predictions are wrong :(

1168938 tn?1327154232
by suzsibs, Jan 06, 2011
Blame the meds...if you weren't so scatterbrained you'd have remembered the pads! Mind you from reading your posts, I think scatterbrained suits you to a tee. :o)

I hope your face pain eases up, I think our bodies give us new things to deal with to help us forget about the old ones!

Question. How does the cat smell? Answer. With its nose ha ha. The old ones are the best.

1045086 tn?1332126422
by twopack, Jan 11, 2011
Bless you for maintaining your humor while dealing with all this.  I wouldn't be doing near as well.  In fact, I tend to favor longer term solutions over short term management of medical problems, even when it seems extreme.  Ever look into having something like Indiana pouch surgery someday?  When the ankle and face and mice are under control?


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by eistot, Sep 29, 2011
I refer to my MS Shots as my gerble meds.  I have to plan every sneeze.  When I worked I was so lucky, My bathroom was right across the hall.  When I went to UAB in birmingham al for consultation he put me on versacare for the bladder. Great meds.  It has really helped.  I now take a methotrexate shot once a week for RA.  It is a  bit scary to take it due to side effects, but I actually think it is also helping my MS.  RA and MS are both immunity diseases.  Makes me wonder what I missed in my body growing up.    I prefer shots since it does not directly go to my liver.  Anything by mouth with get to your liver sooner than later.  I like my liver and want to keep it.  It is a necssary item.

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by WeakandFoggy, Nov 15, 2012

I miss reading your hilarious posts about the mice, the floods, and the cat and I'm deeply grateful to you for pointing me in the right direction - toward Lyme evaluation!  So I come back here to check up on you from time to time, but also I come here because I still feel that I might have MS.  I've been told I have Lyme and other co-infections but I don't have an official CDC Lyme diagnosis.  I stand out in a roomful of other Lyme patients - presenting way different from most of them - especially in my off-balance gait and need for a cane.  Others I know who have Lyme often have pain - but I don't have any pain (except when my muscles cramp).  However, I am very MS-y being off balance with real gait issues, always using a cane, decreased endurance, handicap placard, having muscle cramps, fatigue, brain fog that comes and goes, along with incontinence and blurred vision at times.  Recently I was driving through Idaho after having briefly tried the Lava Hot Springs  there hoping that water would kill off some of my bugs and help me detox.  I drove by a cow pasture and it really reeked of urine!  I thought - what's the matter with those cows - why do they smell so much of urine?  It wasn't until later when I got home that I realized that I had fully wet myself in the car - I never felt it or knew it at the time - thinking it was the cows I smelled.  Another time, again after heat exposure, I was so amazingly and horribly spacy!!!  I wish I had been born years ago when many doctors used patient heat response to diagnose MS, I'd already have my MS diagnosis!!  I'd much prefer heat diagnosis over going the spinal tap route.   My Lyme doctor has several patients who have both Lyme and MS.  Seems like Lyme can become MS.  Treatment is challenging when you have both diseases since steroids are bad for Lyme patients - causing immune system suppression.  

Anyhoo, Quix I read you had a problem with dizziness and I hope it's better by now.  Do you think that having lots of brain MRIs with 3 Tesla magnets might bring on dizziness?  I want one last 3 Tesla brain MRI just to re-visit the possibility of MS - but I don't want it to cause any more dizziness, thank you.  I continue to feel like a person with MS and I can't stop feeling like MS is what I really have - due to my heat responses and other symptoms.  And, darn it, I'm comfortable with MSers and feel they are my kindred spirits!  I want to be here - not in some distant Lyme pit!!!
I used to be Weakandfalling - but now with my cane, I'm just Weakandfoggy.

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