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I'll be here--but come and go :)

Jan 06, 2011 - 2 comments

i decided im not going to permanently delete my medhelp, as I still ask questions sometimes and need help from yall often. I do truly appreciate all the help ive gotten over this past year, and ive made some great friends on here; i care about yall more than you know!! it's a great community and i would still like to call myself a part of it. i think i am going to distance myself a little bit though. i'll still be here, and if anyone needs to talk, ask a question, or whatever, you are more than welcome to write me a note or pm me. i'll still log on most days, i probably just wont post as often!
i feel there is a lot of drama on here, more than there used to be. and i feel as if i might be irritated more often than not. for that reason, im taking a little break. but i am sure as time goes by, i will begin to post more and more again. i just need a little time.
but i love you all, and i'll still be here if you need anything! and ill be posting questions as i need to, and i hope yall will still help me! :)

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951898 tn?1296134343
by 5n1, Jan 06, 2011
aww...I am glad that you are atleast going to be around;) as far as the drama girl, I am not to sure...I know I have seen some around here too, and I just try to ignore it and distance myself from it.....

1222635 tn?1366396286
by mom2ariana, Jan 06, 2011
thanks for commenting girl.. i too try to distance myself (well im not very good at that) but sometimes it catches me anways! i just can't bring myself to completley delete medhelp-- and i dont really see a need for that!

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