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I've been sleeping all day...

Jan 14, 2011 - 0 comments




and I haven't eaten at all either, except for a granola bar. I didn't have the patience or energy to wait for my housemate to finish cooking so that I could go and cook myself eggs and bacon. There's no more milk in the fridge to eat my cereal and I didn't have the energy or the self-esteem to go out and eat/buy food.

I didn't go to the cabin crew walk-in interview that I was looking forward to and I've decided not to go to an acquaintance's live performance. I didn't even go out to buy my styling hair treatment product for my newly permed here. I don't feel motivated to do anything, especially taking in clean laundry or washing dirty laundry.

It's another rainy day again today. I wish someone would make me feel better about myself. I wish for praise and appreciation but it doesn't seem likely that I'll get it. I feel so low. It's horrible. I think I'm going to have my period soon, too.

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