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Expert Interview: Dr. Mack Jones on Neurologic Complications of Sleep Apnea

Jan 21, 2011 - 4 comments



Alzheimer's disease


beta amyloid plaques


Multiple Sclerosis


obstructive sleep apnea



Please join me on Tuesday, January 25th at 8 PM Eastern when I will interview Dr. Mack Jones, neurologist, sleep physician, and author of the book, Deadly Sleep: Is Your Sleep Killing You? about some of the major neurologic complications of obstructive sleep apnea. In this fascinating and provocative discussion, Dr. Jones will be talking about:

- How sleep apnea can cause Alzheimer’s disease

- The link between multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea

- How ADHD and autism can be caused by sleep-breathing problems

- Seizures and sleep apnea

- And much more….

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by TheresaBart, Jan 23, 2011
I will not be able to make it for this forum but I do have a question.  I am not sure if these are sign of sleep apnea so requesting feed back. I was diagnosed with Chiari (states is mild and tonsils are low lying) and Syringomyelia. I was scheduled for decompression surgery 011411.  However , was canceled as surgeon left the clinic.  Since then I have seen another NS and he feels my isses are not due to the Chiari or Syringomyelia so he is testing me for Fibromyalgia and Pheripheal Nueropathy.  

One issue that is concerning me is:
I do snore and over the past few monts I have been awakend by a awful feeling as if my throat is closing and I can not breath.  I then keep swallowing as if pushing air down and this then causes me to puke.  The last episode frightened me as it seemed more severe then the other two times.  I put a call out to my neurologist and left a vm with his nurse with the details and rather I should be seen and have yet to hear back from anyone.  I tried calling back two days later and still have not heard back.  He told me that my chart is on the doctors desk with details of my call and along with my mri results,  I have yet to hear back.  
I guess I was just wondering if this was a sign of sleep apnea or possible complication from Chiari?

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by bobss, Jan 23, 2011
I have sleep apnea. I use a cpac machine at night.  I am going to have a colonostpy and am worried about use of propocol.   Should I be

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by luckydog46, Jan 27, 2011
I also have severe sleep apnea and use a CPAP,  On my very  first colonoscopy, I  received the  normal injections and they caused me  to stop breathing for long periods of time,  I remember one of the nurses kept  yelling  at me to breathe, as my O2  kept dipping lower and lower.  When the procedure  was  over they told me to never have the injections again, as  they suppressed my O2 to a  dangerous level.   Since then, I have had five more  colonoscopies "au natural" and have had no problems with cessation of breathing.  The slight increase in  discomfort  was outweighed by improved O2 saturation and the fact that I no longer required a driver or needless time in recovery.  I could  go  straight  from the  procedure to  the  parking lot and make a lot of rude noises on the way to my truck.  After all, they aren't going to insert a breathing  tube to do a  colonoscopy.  Good luck.

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by czez, Jan 28, 2011
doc what this mean please help... this is the result of my cousins son ...sleep test... during sleep there were no prolonged central apneas or episodes of periodic breathing. there were no obstructive apneas and 151 partial obstructive sleep apneas. the obstructive apnea index was 22.5 obstructive events per hour..there were mild episodes of desaturation..there were no episodes of paradoxical breathing..therefore this represents an abnormal sleep study secondary to elevated obstructions. 91 % sleep efficiency ..thanks

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