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Day 45

Jan 24, 2011 - 0 comments






Well, it's been twelve days since my last post and I still have not gotten a call from the endo's office. I feel like my life is pretty much on hold until I find out something (like an appt). I want(ed) to run several 5k's this year, but IDK if I'll be able to now. I really wanted to have things cleared up before dd's wedding in April. But from the looks of my calendar that's going to be the month that everything is scheduled. Which, I guess, is fine with me, just as long as they don't start overlapping. The wedding is  April 2nd, with DD4's school registration being April 6th. My gyno appt is April 28th. I would have time in between the school registration and my gyno appt. If I have to be off work, then April would definitely be a good month.

Another note: I found out Thursday that dh's boss used the same dr with whom I'm trying to get an appt with. She said that he knows his stuff and would recomment him. YAY...that's nice to be able to see a good dr. (hopefully) I read his bio before attempting to get an appt tho, because I'm anal like that, and felt like he was a good dr.  

I'm really starting to get anxious about getting the appt tho. I'm afraid that he'll say I'm not as bad off as I think and need to come back in a year or 6 months. But I'm so tired of having to take small bites of food or feel like I"m always chocking. It's pretty much a daily thing and it hurts so badly when I can't get the lump to move right away. The longer it sits there the worse it hurts. If I can stop it before it happens, ie...stop eating and spit my food out, then it will release itself, but if I swallow what I have in my mouth then it really hurts when I do get it to release. I used to think that food was actually stuck in my throat and would stick my finger down to make myself sick. That makes it really hurt tho when I get it to release.

I told dh that I didn't know what would happen because I have a goiter on one side and a cold cyst on the other. I'm sure he'll want to FNA the cold cyst because it is over 1 cm. IDK what will happen to the goiter since it's 2 cm.  Thinking about the sizes of my cysts and goiter, no wonder I cannot swallow. My thyroid is only 4 cm on each side with several cysts and a hot nodule (goiter).  I just wonder......

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